In 2015, Goldwaves’s 27th year in business, we had a banner year — our best ever.

  • We had record days and record months!
  • There was laser-beam focus, in-house, as our team worked on bigger and better skills to serve you.

So, what specifically did we do in 2015?

  • Divided our team into 4 mini-teams that met every other week for up to two hours at a time to set goals, and determine our workshop curriculum, and improve haircutting skills;
  • Hosted Ronnie Stam, the creator director of styling for Oribe, who worked with us on editorial styling — things you’ll see on magazine covers, fun stuff that inspires us…and he also worked with us on cutting bangs!
  • Also hosted Howard McLaren, R+Co founder and internationally famous stylist, who led a cutting class and conducted a round-table talk about the future of customer wants and needs;
  • Held a two-day, hands-on cutting class with Belgian stylist William De Ridder, whose genius is in style with efficiency — his expertise in getting clean lines without spending two hours on a cut was awesome! We’re having him back this year.
  • We traveled! We sent 24 of our team members to Miami, Los Angeles, New York and Houston to do things like get a master colorist degree and take styling and cutting classes with hair industry leaders!

And 2016 at Goldwaves is looking even better! Here’s why:

  • We’re continuing our teams’ quarterly round tables — that’s where one of our team members takes on a hair topic, shares her expertise and shows the others how to do it best;
  • Our digital footprint is making impact — Goldwaves is hitting all the social media platforms to spread our word!
  • Wait till you see the first Goldwaves collection this fall — watch the walls in our salon for our beautiful new imagery.
  • Want to change your look weekly, or even daily? Check out our entire new wig salon, opening upstairs at Goldwaves! You cannot tell these are wigs, they are so beautiful and so very real in appearance. Even better, the quality is off the charts. Styling is easy — you can look fabulous in an instant with these!