At Goldwaves, our mission is about doing the best we can for our clients — and also for the community around us. That means sharing with those in need. Here’s how we enjoy serving our neighbors:

  • We love Family Pathfinders of Tarrant County, Inc! This amazing organization helps families struggling with poverty and homelessness, as well as returning to society after incarceration. Goldwaves contributes by giving full makeovers to women who are learning skills for re-entry and job interviews. It’s rewarding for us to see women feel good about how they look, to gain personal confidence.
  • The Center for Transforming Lives (formerly the YWCA) is another place where we can help women who are getting back on their feet and preparing to face the world in a positive way. We spend time with the women, giving them beautiful hair and make-up, and it’s a new experience for many of them. It’s awesome to see how much a person transforms by feeling like she looks great for the first time.
  • At the fantastic Ronald McDonald House, we make monthly visits for five hours at a time. There, our job is to give haircuts to families who are residing there while their kids are treated at Cook Children’s Medical Center. Sometimes, we will shave a parent’s head to match his or her child’s head, as they often want to do. It’s a scary, emotional time for those families, and our partners have found our interaction there to be a valuable, humbling experience. Each time we go, we want to spend more time there.

For Goldwaves, it’s about much more than donating shampoo. We are committed to giving our work, our time, our hands to help.