Sure, there are plenty of options for hair product purchases, but we
know that buying products recommended by your stylist removes any guess-work. No need to wonder how to bring home the best style and care for your hair! Your Goldwaves’ stylists assure your hair will be its best with their expert recommendations.

How do We Do It?

No commission: Goldwaves’ stylists do not make commission on the products they recommend to you. Their motivation isn’t driven by retail sales but rather by providing you with confidence that you’ll recreate the style and care once you’ve left our salon.

Buying products helps provide education for stylists: We purchase retail from our distributors to build up points we can apply toward educating our stylists with goods in these product lines. This process provides in-house and out-of- town education for styling, cutting, and coloring. Furthering our knowledge base keeps us atop trends while also growing skills that give you the best service possible.

Proper product and hair chemistry education: Our apprenticeship program involves spending weeks on teaching stylists, which builds knowledge foundation on products and required technique. Plus, as cosmetologists go through extensive education in school on hair structure, we can properly pick the right products creating a custom regimen for our clients based on their individual needs.

Shop small, shop local: Goldwaves is a true local business. We are not franchised and we did not start anywhere other than right here in Fort Worth, Texas. We love our community and continue to give back whenever we can. Donating to non-profits such as gifts and services has been important to us for the last 30 years (when the company started).

We only carry products with companies that we stand behind: Our products come from companies that we truly believe in. We have faith only in lines dedicated to quality ingredients, honorable employees, a great support system, and a true love for the industry.

Clients can accumulate points for $ or retail: As part of our points system, when clients spend $100 in retail at one time, they receive 5,000 points equal to $5 that can be used towards your next service/retail purchase, or they can be accumulated overtime and used whenever.

Bottom line? We love our clients and we love your hair. While maintaining your color and cut, we want to assure you that it looks its absolute best! That’s what happens by purchasing your products from Goldwaves.